Monthly Archives: February 2009’s “Call Me” feature

I was looking to buy something on Amazon. Pricing online was showing $254 and when checking out, it was like 349.99.

So I hit the “Call Me” feature as I headed out for lunch and it rang on my cell phone. Nice, and it was quickly greeted with a voice saying that it will be connnected to a person in a second.

12:45 later, I was still on hold. That is 12 MINUTES, 45 SECONDS

I got on the phone and the person said, Ohh.. that is a price mistake. Click-he hung up.

Thanks for wasting my time


Used golf balls – Save the environment + money

I stumble upon this website, and they were selling used golf balls. As a golfer that wacks the grass, not the ball, this was a match made in heaven. Often, I would find that my golf balls would astonishing dissapear after hitting them, usually donating them to lakes, long grass, out of sight, etc.

I got some AAAA Titleist Pro V1 from them at 1/2 off the retail price and I can’t be happier with the quality of the balls and the price.

Like the Geico commercial, I just saved a bunch of money on golf balls at lost golf balls fot com.

yeah, I know, i shouldn’t be playing pro v1 golf balls.