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Before hurricane Ike at the grocery store..

Here are something that sold out or almost..

– Bananas [checked]

– Beer [checked]

– Instant noodles [checked]

– Water [checked]

Before Hurricane Ike at grocery store – Bananas anybody?













Before Hurricane Ike at grocery store – Essentials, B-e-e-r
you need it in cases,, not 6 pack














Before Hurricane Ike at grocery store – Instant noodles and boxed food? How are you going to cook instant noodles and boxed food if you have no electricity to boil water? charcoal?














Before Hurricane Ike at grocery store – Water Isle..


Mover and shaker (neat site too) –

This is a neat site for tracking storms, hurricanes, etc. Lots of technology behind it but the info that they are using to power it is all FREE. They are pulling info from the Hurrican center and a few other research facilities.

For the hurricane Ike (currently in the gulf of mexico), this website gives you:
-aggregates a dozen different projection models
-give you wind forecast
-historical track of the current hurricane
-lots more tools.


Just look at the Alexa stats for hits.

I think they can sell the site for a few MM after a few years. Or like, 3.5 BILLION price tag? Maybe a few MM…

Note, I am not related to this company in any way, shape or form.

JetBlue starts with $0.05 auctions on eBay

Saw this on CNN. JetBlue is auctioning air tickets on eBay starting from $0.05.

They are expecting the flight to fetch 75% off retail price.