Boeing Dreamliner 777 stunt – low flyby by Cathy Pacific pilot

What’s better than getting a new car? How about a new plane?

 Cathy Pacific bought a fleet of the latest Boeing 777-300ER and recently took delivery of the plane with an estimated cost up to US$253 million per plane. In the cockpit of one of the planes was Captain Ian Wilkinson.

Captain Ian took the plane for a joy ride, literally. He did a 322mph flyby at 28 feet over the 9,000-foot runway at Paine Field, a regional airport located next to Boeing’s Everett facilities, the manufacturing site of the new 777-300 he was flying to Hong Kong.

He was fired from his job. It was reported that he was congratulated initially until the video circulated the internet and it caught the attention of Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Authority. It was also covered on CNN. 

About the 777-300ER
The 777-300ER is the Extended Range (ER) version of the 777-300 and contains many modifications, including the GE90-115B engines, which are the world’s most powerful jet engine with 115,300 lbf (513 kN) thrust. (wikipedia)


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