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PetsMart – Free shipping on orders over $25

Halloween Promotion. PetsMart is having a free shipping on orders over $25. Expires 11/09/07.

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$10 off $25 at Lowe’s

Sign up and receive printable $10 off $25 certificate by email.

One-time use. In store only.
Valid on merchandise, services, and rentals.
Not valid on John Deere, gift cards, and certain appliances.

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David Copperfield – Magician’s sex scandal

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield, one of the most well know magician – illusionist within the last 2 decades is involved in a magician’s sex scandal. According to a two law enfocement souces that told CNN, a Seattle woman’s alleged that she was sexually assaulted by illusionist David Copperfield.

Copperfield’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, has said the allegations “are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone.” Neither Chesnoff nor law enforcement officials have provided details about the investigation.

On Wednesday (Oct 24, 2007), FBI agents to raid a warehouse Copperfield owns in Las Vegas and to search the Las Vegas hotel where he frequently performs. A dozen FBI agents stormed the warehouse and took a computer hard drive and a memory chip from a digital camera system, as well as $2 million in cash that was inside a safe, reported KLAS news channel in Las Vegas, citing a source close to the investigation.

Copperfield’s camp cancelled all tours in Asia. He was suppose to perform in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in the coming weeks.

Info from Wikipedia:
David Copperfield (born David Seth Kotkin, September 16, 1956) born in Metuchen, New Jersey, Copperfield began practicing magic at the age of twelve, and became the youngest person ever admitted to the Society of American Magicians. By age 16, he was teaching a course in magic at New York University. At age 18, he enrolled at Fordham University, and was cast in the lead role of the Chicago-based musical The Magic Man.  

According to Forbes Magazine, it was reported that David Copperfield earned $57 million in 2003, making him the tenth highest paid celebrity in the world. It also estimated that he made $57 million in 2004 (35th) and $57 million in 2005 (41st) in merchandise and tour revenue.Copperfield performs over 500 shows per year throughout the world.

Move over Segway, here comes “I-Real”

Segway, the “personal transported” was the buzz when it first came out but Toyota is getting into this niche market too. On Wednesday, it unveiled its latest concept – a vehicle shaped like a chair.

The “I-Real” is a single seat vehicle and is equipped with a sensor technology that detects nearing obstacles and passes information to the passenger by vibration and sound to avoid collision.

From what it was mentioned, it can hit a max speed of 20 mph.