Sedona Arizona Snapshot

Have you ever heard of Schnebly Hill Formation, the famous red sedimentary rock in Sedona, Arizona? Schnebly Hill Formation sandstone was formed 3 million years ago when the Colorado Plateau was uplifted and therefore created Oak Creek Canyon. This incredible rock formation is now considered a famous attraction spot in Sedona.  Actually, Sedona and Schnebly is a name of famous woman whose husband, Mr. T.C. Schnebly, contributed a major part in the city’s organization of its first post office.  Mr and Mrs Schnebly didn’t dream of becoming a historical person.  But with this great historical honor comes a responsibility for the people to preserve the gift of nature.

Sedona is deeply concerned about the environmental and they have painstakingly preserved a spectacular culture and a breathtaking-most-sought-after tourist destination. Experience the Sedona way – cool summers, mild winters, fresh clean air, spectacular canyons, red rock formations, numerous art galleries and national parks, world-class resorts with fine dining restaurants, and a whole lot more!  Sedona is a world-class travel experience offering the finest works of nature.

Visit Sedona site to find out more about the faces of Sedona and discover a variety of travel packages and destinations designed for picky travelers like you. 

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