Died waiting at the E.R.

When it comes to waiting at the E.R., unless you are some super star or if your brains are not oozing out, you get the same response.


This time, a woman died waiting for help in a Los Angeles emergency room while the people with her desperately called 911.

Jose Prado was desperately trying to get medical attention for his girlfriend, Edith Rodriguez, 43, who was suffering from severe abdominal pain.

It was mentioned that the nurses ignored Prado and Rodriguez’s pleas for help.

“OK, what do you mean she’s dying? What’s wrong with her?” the 911 operator asked Prado.
“She’s vomiting blood,” Prado replied.
“Why aren’t they helping” 911 operator asked.
“They are watching her there and not doing anything” Prado replied.

Another caller at the E.R. saw this later resorted to calling 9-1-1 while in the Emergency Room and this is what transended.

Woman: They are overlooking her and claim she’s been discharged, and she’s definitely sick and everybody’s ignoring her.
Operator: You’re at the hospital, ma’am. You’ve got to contact them.
Woman: They’re the problem. They won’t help her.
Operator: This line is for emergency purposes only.
Woman: This is an emergency.
Operator: It’s not an emergency. It’s not an emergency, ma’am.
Woman: It is.

It’s ironic that somebody would die at the E.R. and seeking medical help


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