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Linkshare Fourth Golden Links Awards 2007 Pictures

Here are some pictures taken at the Linkshare Golden Links Awards. Check out the picture and the YouTube clip at the bottom of the page!

Golden Links at Cipriani
Golden Links at Cipriani

Steve Denton (Linkshare’s President) on Stage
Steve Denton (Linkshare) on Stage

Award winner Affiliate Fair Play (represented by Angel) on stage
Award winner Affiliate Fair Play (represented by Angel) on stage

Award winner Gus (TigerDirect) and Steve Denton (Linkshare)
Award winner Gus (TigerDirect) and Steve Denton (Linkshare)

Eric Ewe (Wyndham Vacation Resorts) and Steve Denton (linkshare)
Eric Ewe (Wyndham Vacation Resorts) and Steve Denton (linkshare)

After the event
(Eric, Yitza and Gus)
After the event

L-R: Will (AMWSO), Jessie (PopShops), Eric (Wyndham VR), Jose
L-R: Will, Jessie, Eric and Jose

Award winner from Allison (GSI) and Eric (Wyndham Vacation Resorts)
Award winner from Allison (GSI) and Eric Ewe (Wyndham Vacation Resorts)

YouTube Clip


ABW – Linkshare informal session feat Steven Denton (2007)

Here are some pictures from the NYC Gathering: ABW-Linkshare Symposium gathering (June 18, 2007 at 8.30 pm)
Connie Berg, Steven Denton, Lisa, M Coley at Sutton Place Restaurant & Bar
connie, steve, lisa, coley

Featuring Connie Berg

looks like they were having fun..

Michael Coley and Lisa

Brook and his David Copperfield look

Eric and Bryan

4th Linkshare Golden Links Awards Winners are…. (June 20th, 2007)

The 4th Linkshare Golden Links Award (June 20th, 2007)  is over and here are the results. I came back empty handed but I am sincerely happy for the winner in my category, Affiliate Fair Play (Kellie). Kellie, you owe me a beer as I was betting on you per our e-conversation 🙂 

Innovative Affiliate for the year
– StarStyle

Innovative Merchant for the year
– Gaiam

Best New Affiliate
– Discover Card

Best New Merchant
– ProFlowers

Merchant’s Choice Award
– Upromise

Affiliate’s Choice Award
– TigerDirect

International Merchant of the Year
– Boden

Best Performance Based Search Strategy
– Gardener’s Supply Company

Best Online Merchandising Campaign
– AMEX and Tiger

Best Intergrated Online-Offline Mktg
– Fubu and GSI Commerce

Best overall online distribution strategy
– Avon

Performance Marketing Most Vocal Advocate

One thing that I would love to see more is for merchants to give affiliates more thanks and recognition. Of the 10 merchants and outsourced program management companies that went on the stage, only a handful mentioned.. “thank you (to all) affiliates” as they would not be standing there without any of their affiliates.

On a different note, I spoke to Jennifer and she pointed out that I was the only person that was nominated and the rest are companies. Never thought about it that way but I am always thankful to have great people around me.

Died waiting at the E.R.

When it comes to waiting at the E.R., unless you are some super star or if your brains are not oozing out, you get the same response.


This time, a woman died waiting for help in a Los Angeles emergency room while the people with her desperately called 911.

Jose Prado was desperately trying to get medical attention for his girlfriend, Edith Rodriguez, 43, who was suffering from severe abdominal pain.

It was mentioned that the nurses ignored Prado and Rodriguez’s pleas for help.

“OK, what do you mean she’s dying? What’s wrong with her?” the 911 operator asked Prado.
“She’s vomiting blood,” Prado replied.
“Why aren’t they helping” 911 operator asked.
“They are watching her there and not doing anything” Prado replied.

Another caller at the E.R. saw this later resorted to calling 9-1-1 while in the Emergency Room and this is what transended.

Woman: They are overlooking her and claim she’s been discharged, and she’s definitely sick and everybody’s ignoring her.
Operator: You’re at the hospital, ma’am. You’ve got to contact them.
Woman: They’re the problem. They won’t help her.
Operator: This line is for emergency purposes only.
Woman: This is an emergency.
Operator: It’s not an emergency. It’s not an emergency, ma’am.
Woman: It is.

It’s ironic that somebody would die at the E.R. and seeking medical help

Most CEO are overpaid and unethical – according to Bloomberg Poll

I was listening to NPR and it was mentioned that in a recent Bloomberg poll, most Americans say CEO are overpaid and unethical . More than half of America’s top CEOs make more than $8.3 million a year.

According to the AP formula, Yahoo Inc.’s Terry Semel, led the pack with total compensation last year of $71.7 million,

ABWer at Orlando outing – breakfast 4 June 2007

Friendly bunch of ABWers at Danny’s for Breakfast
(L-R: Liquidate, Colleen, Colette, Donuts, Eric Ewe)

L-R: erickb2006, Liquidate, Colleen, Colette, Donuts

L-R: erickb2006  (camera shy, hidding behind Eric Ewe), Eric Ewe, Liquidate, Colleen, Colette
Donuts is missing. I think Donuts was giving away hugs for free hugs by the door.