Lisa Nowak pictures raking in thousands on eBay

NASA pictures

With the frenzy of getting more information or anything about the diaper NASA’s Astronaut that tried to kidnap a lady, some Houstonians are profiting from the bizzare story.

In Houston, the command center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, residents like Joachim Horvitz are seeing a profit for a signed of autographed of astronaut Lisa Nowak. Horvitz nearly threw out the glossy photo Lisa Nowak two weeks ago, but he decided to list it on eBay. As of Thursday (2/8/2007), the bidding for Horvitz’s autographed Nowak photo was at $1,825.50, and there’s four more days of bidding left (source: Houston Chronicle).

Other residents in U.S. with signed autographs of Lisa Nowak are seeing more success than that. A seller from New Jersey with the Nowak frenzy autographed picture is seeing the item selling for more than $10,000 with 16 bids (ebay Item number: 320079982329). Here is a cache version of her auction with 5 days left.

I am not sure if that picture is worth that much but I guess a picture is worth thousands of words dollars…

Lisa Nowak's Signed Picture fetching $10,000 on eBay


One response to “Lisa Nowak pictures raking in thousands on eBay

  1. LOL can’t believe people are making money on eBay auctions such as this one! Can’t wait to show all my auctions friends about this! Hopefully the next auctions would be more hilarious!

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