Deplorable act after the Orlando tornado

Often, you will see the best in us after a natural disaster such as heroic stories after 9-11 or Katrina but the thousands of good deeds seldom was often overshadowed by the actions of a few. The worst of people was reflected in the action of a few that took advantage of those in dire needs.

 Edward McAteerIn the recent tornado that swept across Lady Lake, Florida, this individual took the opportunity to ransack the house of an elderly lady. Edward McAteer, who is in his 40s, after he allegedly presented himself as a Red Cross help worker and offered to retrieve medications for a disaster victim at a shelter. McAteer apparently obtained the victim’s house keys, proceeded to the victim’s house and ransacked it. He did return with the victim’s medicine but when authorities questioned him about not wearing a Red Cross ID, he fled the scene. (Source: Local 6 TV channel news)

Although the police are looking for him, this deplorable act puts an overcast on the thousands of good deeds that is going on. And if he is caught, he might get a couples of months in jail or maybe a few weeks after time served or good behavior. If he is in the middle east, I think he would have gotten his left fingers cut off..

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