Getting through the automated-phone-system maze

Press “0” to reach the operator. After pressing “0” twenty times, you are still on the phone and waiting to speak to somebody on the other side.

I think AOL takes the cake when it comes to confusing customer and putting customers on the automated-phone-system maze. There is help though.

I found out this website  which will allow somebody to out smart the phone systems.

“TV Guide can be reached by saying “customer service” twice, while reaching a human at Toys R Us requires pressing 1, 2, 7, 2 and then ignoring two requests for a home phone number”


One response to “Getting through the automated-phone-system maze

  1. I checkout:
    1) short wait time
    2) short wait time
    3) decent wait time
    4) waited for 5 min and no response

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