Sony Playstation 3 On Ebay Goes for $9100

The long overdue PlayStation 3 (PS3) is being sold for $599 MSRP.

Somebody managed to preorder one and they are selling it for a whooping $9100 on eBay. Good profit there..

Santa, all I want for Christmas is a PS3 so that I can make a 1500% profit.

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10 responses to “Sony Playstation 3 On Ebay Goes for $9100

  1. That amount is crazy. I guess it more of the bragging rights or product reviewer for owning a PS3 before everybody

  2. It’s always a smart business plan to preorder a few and then sell them to the people trying to buy one last minute on Xmas eve.

  3. I would assume that in a few months the purchaser will regret that. Moreover, putting such a significant amount of money in something that could easily go to something more in need seems awfully sad. I still wish I had that kind of money to blow on something as trivial as that though; I’m not gonna lie.

  4. *sheeze*

    What’s even scarier is that the bidding started at $810.00. That’s just under what I get for disability each month.

  5. I know that i was a hot comodity when the XBOX 360 came out and people were paying a premium but at 1500% above the MSRP, that is crazy!!!

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  7. Xbox had no competition at it’s launch. Only releasing a small number of consoles could generate buzz without driving any consumers to the competition. People won’t buy a PS2 when a PS3 is comming out in 6 months.

    Now PS3 will see a lot of press about gigantic prices, and it will hurt them in a way that it didn’t hurt Xbox, because the people who couldn’t get a PS3 will go and buy an Xbox360. If they can’t afford a PS3 they will buy a Wii. The curve for these things is sharp, and 100,000 lunatics paying 2000 for a PS3 doesn’t mean that there weren’t only 100,000 lunatics willing to buy it 600.

    Ps3’s price was always really iffy, They could sell consoles, but will they sell enough to sustain a market for games? Will they be able to sell enough games to make up for their losses on the consoles? Not many can afford both an Xbox and a PS3, if people decide to buy the Xbox when they can’t get an PS3 they might find themselves in a hole they can’t dig out of.

    In a year there will be a lot of talk about how Sony should have held off the blue-ray until the PS4, seeing as they are unlikely to make full use of the techonology any time soon. In doing so it could have kept it’s competitive pricing status between the other two systems.

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  10. This is amusing considering what a dud this has become

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