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Hurricanes this year

No, I are not talking about Miami hurricanes. Yes, they are literally licking their wounds right now but I am talking am talking about the hurricane season.

As of tomorrow, the hurricane season is over and we have seen only a handful of hurricanes this yeaf, a far cry from last year when we saw a dozen or hurricanes that streamed across the East and southern part of U.S.


Over paid for a PlayStation 3 on eBay?

Over paid for a PlayStation 3 on eBay? With all the hype about PS3 and people camping out by best buy and other stores, while we have seen some people who are willing to fork over thousands for a unit to a preorder unit on eBay. With demand being so high, we saw $9000-10,000 per unit but it is now fetching a lower price. So what happened to those who bid for $10,000 for a PS3? They bailed out! A quick check and I found that those bidders who bid for $10k are no longer a valid eBay user.

Non paying bidder 1

Non paying bidder 2 

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Getting through the automated-phone-system maze

Press “0” to reach the operator. After pressing “0” twenty times, you are still on the phone and waiting to speak to somebody on the other side.

I think AOL takes the cake when it comes to confusing customer and putting customers on the automated-phone-system maze. There is help though.

I found out this website  which will allow somebody to out smart the phone systems.

“TV Guide can be reached by saying “customer service” twice, while reaching a human at Toys R Us requires pressing 1, 2, 7, 2 and then ignoring two requests for a home phone number”

Make or break – $100 computer for the poor

Over the next few months, it will be be critical in determining whether the One Laptop per Child project succeeds for the $100 computer.

OLPC Computer PrototypesWhen it was first announced, skeptics were bashing that it cannot be done at it was not at $100, it was more of a $200+ computer for the poor.  Now, the cofounder of MIT’s Media Lab, Nicholas Negroponte, wants to make $100 laptops available to poor children throughout the world.

“The $100 laptop sprang from the fertile, utopian mind of tech guru Nicholas Negroponte, who is the cofounder and chairman emeritus of the MIT Media Lab, a successful venture capitalist, and the author of Being Digital, the 1995 paean to the digital economy. The concept behind the project, which Negroponte unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, less than two years ago, is as simple as its name: give all children in the developing world laptop computers of their own. If we achieved that, he believes, we could bridge what’s usually termed the “digital divide.” The laptops would offer children everywhere the opportunity to benefit from the Internet and would enable them to work with and learn from each other in new ways. OLPC, the nonprofit organization that Negroponte set up to manage the project, has taken responsibility for designing the computer and engaging an outside manufacturer to produce it. But the nonprofit is not going to buy the computers. That, at least for now, is the responsibility of governments, and Negroponte has said that the $100 laptop will not go into production until he has firm commitments from governments to buy at least five million units. Would (or should) any government be willing to lay out the cash? Negroponte answers that question with characteristic bluntness. “Look at the math: even the poorest country spends about $200 per year per child. We’ve estimated what a connected, unlimited-Internet-access $100 laptop will cost to own and run: $30 per year. That has got to be the very best investment you can make. Period.”

Sony Playstation 3 On Ebay Goes for $9100

The long overdue PlayStation 3 (PS3) is being sold for $599 MSRP.

Somebody managed to preorder one and they are selling it for a whooping $9100 on eBay. Good profit there..

Santa, all I want for Christmas is a PS3 so that I can make a 1500% profit.

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Budget Travel and finding the right deal

There are like 3-4 major web portal to book a flight online such as Orbitz, Travelocity to Priceline so where do you look for the best deals. I have been flying quite often for personal/family reasons.

I did the price comparison and hands down, priceline is making like $5 for every flight booking. Other companies have a margin of $20-40 but when I booked something via Priceline, I found out that their margin was $5 per ticket. How did i know it was $5 per ticket, I saw the transaction: Airline Charge $XXX, Priceline $5. Can’t beat that as that is cheaper than other companies and their airline availity is awesome.

I saw a website where you are able to save on an all inclusive vacation. Fairifeld Getaway. I booked a travel to Orlando for 2 nite hotel + Disney World Tickets for $139.

Assult Rifle stolen from unsecured SWAT vehicle

Some serious military-grade weapon were stole from a SWAT team member’s vehicle that was parked in his driveway in Orlando, FL. The weapons were suppose to be secured in his SUV but apparently, he did not.Some of the weapons were a machine gun with a silencer, an assault rifle, an

Assult Weapon stolen

d a handgun and in the wrong hands, it is more than enought to do lots of harm.

The three weapons, a UMP-45 fully-automatic machine gun with a noise depression device, an H&K G3 assault rifle and a Glock 21 semi automatic handgun.

Given that the SWAT oficer is given more responsibility, and that is why they have the privillage to use assult weapons, I think the SWAT officer should be asked to resign.