Transformers 3D crash landing in Universal Orlando – Summer 2013

Universal Orlando® is getting a new ride – Transformers 3D

Humans marshaling troops for the greatest battle you’ll ever ride. Embark on a daring adventure that redefines thrill rides. Transformers: The Ride-3D is an ultra-immersive sensory experience that puts you on the front lines of an intergalactic war between the Autobots and Decepticons. Fusing ground-breaking HD 3D media and Flight Simulation technology, this epic ride will make you lose sight of the difference between fiction and reality. Humans, heed this warning. Megatron and his Decepticons® are mobilizing for an attack that would decimate this planet. Only you can save mankind.

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Advertisements Coupon for August 2010

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PETsMART has the coupon code BDAYDOG8 good for $4.00 off of a purchase of $15.00 or more and the coupon also stacks with items in the sale section.

Shipping is free on many items otherwise starts at $5.99

$5.99 Shipping w/ $60 Purchase

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PetsMart Discount Coupon for your pet Dog and Cat

Petsmart get 50% off on
PetsMart with their special. July 4th 50% off

PetsMart Summer sale, get 20% off discount

PetsMart is one of the largest pet chain company that focuses on dogs, cats and other pets. Being the #1 US specialty retailer of pet food and supplies boasts about 1,150 stores in the US and Canada, they carry a wide array of products from pet food to other pet products. PetSmart stores also provide in-store boarding facilities (PetsHotels), grooming services, and obedience training.

Salmons, Locks and Gardens Hidden in Seattle

In my recent visit to Seattle, I discovered a jewel where I was able to visit the locks, salmon runs and an exotic garden. I went to the Ballard Locks where there was a free tour of the Ship locks, a Botanical Garden and a Salmon run viewing with an educational center.

Read more here about tips, suggestions and more pictures.

3015 NW 54th St., Seattle, WA 98107 or Google Map. Tel (206) 783-7059

Carl S. English Botanical Garden

Carl S. English Botanical GardenFlowers at Carl S. English Botanical GardenMore FlowersHiram M. Chittenden Locks

Seattle Tip – Pike Market Place Pictures

I was in Seattle recently and I took the opportunity to travel. I went to Pike Market Place, a landmark in Seattle and a few other places. Here are some pics. Also, checkout my other blog for the full posting about Pike Market Place

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Flowers

Pike Place Flowers

Pike Place Peppers

Pike Place Peppers’s “Call Me” feature

I was looking to buy something on Amazon. Pricing online was showing $254 and when checking out, it was like 349.99.

So I hit the “Call Me” feature as I headed out for lunch and it rang on my cell phone. Nice, and it was quickly greeted with a voice saying that it will be connnected to a person in a second.

12:45 later, I was still on hold. That is 12 MINUTES, 45 SECONDS

I got on the phone and the person said, Ohh.. that is a price mistake. Click-he hung up.

Thanks for wasting my time

Used golf balls – Save the environment + money

I stumble upon this website, and they were selling used golf balls. As a golfer that wacks the grass, not the ball, this was a match made in heaven. Often, I would find that my golf balls would astonishing dissapear after hitting them, usually donating them to lakes, long grass, out of sight, etc.

I got some AAAA Titleist Pro V1 from them at 1/2 off the retail price and I can’t be happier with the quality of the balls and the price.

Like the Geico commercial, I just saved a bunch of money on golf balls at lost golf balls fot com.

yeah, I know, i shouldn’t be playing pro v1 golf balls.